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360 warranty

All our products have a year warranty from the day they are bought, when used within the normal conditions and for the purposes intended. Do not overstuff your Deniva products beyond the designed level as given in the product description. Example, use of more than the stated number of cards will result in undue stress on the leather and its stitching and this will affect the life span of the product. Sharp objects without covering (knife, pins etc) may end up damaging the product and such damages will not be covered under our warranty policy.

Our warranty covers all the, if any, faults in Hardware and the materials used and do not cover unreasonable usage including but not limited to those stated above. We do promise a long life of the leather materials but the warranty does not cover the general wear and tear due to use under overstuffed condition.

At Deniva, we source our materials from the best among the market and ensure the quality through our vigorous QC firewalls. Withstanding that, our warranty does not extend to the press buttons used in the products beyond the reasonable level. If any defect on such part of the product is found upon receipt the responsibility solely lies on the customer to inform Deniva customer care through Exchange/Return and Refund option within the first 36 hours. We will take the necessary steps for the same on a case to case basis. Deniva also lays high emphasis on its shipping quality and ensures there is no damage to the product in shipment. If any such unforeseen damages are to occur, the said faults are to be claimed within the first 32 hours. Exceptions are allowed in the case of weekend deliveries. (For details on Exchange/ Return and refund policy kindly visit – Exchange / Return and Refund)

There might be mild variations in the colour of the product from the photographs displayed in the website, though we try and reduce this variation as much as possible. Customers need to understand that leather is a natural material has varying hues based on the way it is treated and the climatic conditions. Warranty, return or exchanges based on the product colour not meeting the same will not be entertained as long as the variation is minimal and there is no compromise in the quality of the product. Any claims made under this condition will be decided as seen fit on a case to case basis by the leather experts at Deniva.

In order to make a warranty claim, you need to have purchased your Deniva product through our website. The Deniva warranty sits alongside applicable consumer protection law as applicable in the nation of sale.

Kindly drop in your mail to our support team at with your order details and description of the fault or damage. Sending across any photographs of the fault will help a lot in speeding up the claims.

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