Know Your Product

Deniva follows strict protocols to obtain its premium tanned leather from its vendor source. The LWG Gold rated vendors ethically source the raw material which are further processed with utmost care. All our leathers are durable and its sheen gets better with time.

For the vogue in you, Deniva blends several materials such as leather, canvas, linen, felt, nylon and few other interesting combinations to bring out the unique styling across its various designs. We assure our customers all such materials are vetted through stringent quality assurance norms and help us deliver you with the best of the quality products. With the growth of our product range, our design team is working to innovate and improve on the range of materials to blend with our leathers and bring out the best in every new design.

Though the used material changes, what not change is our environmental policy.

All our goods are manufactured in-house, making sure there is no compromise or lapse in the quality of the goods. To upkeep our core value of quality consistency, we put up several QC firewalls within our design and manufacturing facility as well as conduct periodic audit at our supplier ends. We take responsibility for the materials both upstream and downstream in our manufacturing route until we deliver the products in your hands.

Care For your Product

Routine Leather Care

Wipe your leather product if you are using them frequently with clean soft cloth to wipe of the dust spots. You may condition them with a good, store bought neutral color conditioner once in every 3-4 months of time to keep your Deniva products to regain its sheen and fullness. Spread the cream before applying onto leather directly. Do not stuff your leather goods with sharp items because it may create a deep, non reversible scratch.

Rainy Day Care

Please carry a protected cover when you travel on rainy and foggy days. In spite of that, if your leather gets wet, please do wipe it with a clean, dry cotton cloth and leave it for drying in indirect sunlight. Do not use artificial heat, dryers and do not expose leather to direct sunlight to remove the dampness from the leather.

Once the leather is dry, apply leather conditioner to bring back the shine. Do not over use the conditioner, apply the conditioner gently with a cloth.