Excessive heat, sunlight, or moisture can damage leather. The Ideal way to store your leather product is in a fabric dust bag, in a cool, dry, dark place. Allow plenty of space around the bag and wrap buckles and zippers to keep them from marking it. To keep the shape of the bag, you may want to stuff it with acid-free paper. Never put items on top of a leather bag or store it in plastic.

Empty your bag and remove loose dirt with a soft brush or a brush attached to a vacuum cleaner. Use a specialist leather cleaner and gently wipe the bag with a soft cloth. Apply the cream uniformly to avoid blotches on leather.

To remove loose dirt from the canvas, you may use a lint roller that you use for dress.

No. Though canvas can be washed, the leather when washed and not treated properly can permanently damage your product.

To clean canvas, use warm diluted soapy water and gently wipe the bag with soft cloth. Towel dry immediately. Never blow dry over leather as it can reshape and dry out.

After cleaning apply leather conditioners on the leather surface.

You should avoid getting a leather product saturate with water. If your bag does become wet, use paper towels to absorb the moisture from the leather. Never use newspaper as the ink from newspaper might transfer permanently to the leather/lining. Dry your product under indirect sunlight and avoid exposure to sun.

Use leather conditioners post dryer to replenish the lost oil content from the leather.

It’s possible to iron a leather bag, however we do not recommended it. If you still indent to iron, proceed with extreme caution. Use the lowest setting on your iron, cover the leather with brown paper without any prints on it, and iron quickly and lightly. After that, condition the leather to replenish the oil that has been lost.

There are a range of commercial dyes available which enable you to dye a leather bag yourself or you can send the bag to a leather specialist and they will dye it for you.

First you need to understand that leather is a natural material and so mold will grow on natural material. However, there are things we can do to prevent this:

  1. Look after your bag regularly and use care products on it.
  2. Don’t store your bag in damp places.
  3. When you store your bag, use a dust bag, made from breathable material.