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Pillow Exotic [With Belt] - Olive
Olive Green

Pillow Exotic [With Belt]


The Deniva Pillow Exotic is a durable case that you can easily strap on with a belt. The Pillow Exotic comes with a belt and both are made with full-grain leather for a smooth texture. Its comfortable design is perfect to carry some quick cash, coins, keys, and even your wallet. You can also pair it well with formal or casual outfits.

The Pillow Essential has one sleek compartment to store your items. It snaps back automatically, ensuring no items drop from it. Since it straps on a belt, you can move around hands-free, with the convenience of accessing your belongings at any time.
The belt is available in four sizes to suit you – S, M, L and XL.

Our products are made from LWG-certified leather suppliers to ensure only the finest materials get used in crafting our products. Additionally, our products are OEKO-Tex certified and follow the GRS standards to make products while caring for the planet.

It is available in two exotic colors – navy and olive.