That’s right. All our products come with a 360days warranty. Learn more by clicking here.

All our leathers are both site and lab tested for dry, wet and tape tested to a very high standard for color-fastness and have a 99% color fastness rating. However certain leathers like suede and nu-buck defy the rules from time to time.

This is, indeed, normal. Any genuine full-grain leather will have distinct markings. We simply cut our designs from a leather hide and work around any markings that aren’t complementary to the design.

Scratches and defects are common to all species, and we adore the natural markings found in leather.

All Deniva products are covered by 360 days warranty. You can write to us to directly with photographs for receive your replacement. Refer to Terms and Conditions page for more details.

If the repair falls under the time window, which has been rare, please write to us at and we shall try and fix you it for you.