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#Share Deniva

Deniva is born out of many dreams our team had in mind. Your purchase helped in fulfilling ours, and we want to do more than sending you a thank you note. Hence, every bag you purchase from us will sponsor a child’s school bag.

When asked, what they need, before our team members started the holiday season, they asked for school bags for their kids. They told how their kids never had a school bag and how the new bag will motivate them to un-skip school.

Education is the key to a country’s growth. Hence, we decided to start #sharedeniva movement and do what we did at factory level to national level.

Deniva always keeps in mind to make dreams alive.

We at Deniva sponsor a school bag for a child in need from the proceeds of a bag you purchase from us. You can check them out in the product description section of each product. All we ask from you is your undivided attention to the movement.

Please note that the value of the school bag offered is not equivalent or a proportion of the product bought. Nor is there any similarity of the school bag offered or its material to that of the product bought. Rest assured that the bag offered through this drive will be of the best quality and will be sturdy enough to carry and support the dreams of the young minds for a long time.

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